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Music training for children and young people with learning difficulties
This program has been created by Torshovkorpset's Erik Kvebæk a two specially designed textbook of musical education for children growing with learning difficulties. The books in entitled 'Book Well Blown' and 'Lesson 2', which contains the following.

Book Well Blown

Part. 1. Introduction, integration.
1. The choice of instrument
2. Mouth Position
3. Breathing
4. Tone Formation
5. Signs and Symbols
6. Torshov Methodology
7. Reflection

Part 2.
1. Introduction to a score
2. Instruments and fingering
3. The little note character
4. Seventeen exercises
5. About F-major
6. About G-major

Part 1 and 2 of the book were created by Harry Kvebæk (Professor Emeritus from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo)

Part. 3.
1. Events of the Middle Bear Berg (Twenty tunes arranged for Torshovkorpset marching band.

Part. 4.
Samples from the scores of upto four notes (mentioned below). This system is also used at events with with other musical organisations.
(This program was formulated by Bjorn Mellem Berg).

Part. 5.
An introduction to Erik Kvebæk the behind the Torshov Band and renouned music teacher of people with learning difficulties.
1. Erik Kvebæk - The man behind Torshovkorpset
2. A little about the note systems
3. A little about fingering
4. Exercises in C major, F Major and G Major
5. Samples notes of the 'Twenty Melodies'
6. Samples notes of the 'Twenty Melodies' Advanced
7. Illustrations of stance techniquie

Lesson 2

Part. 1.
1. 50 different song

Part. 2.
1. Hold 1 note

Part. 3.
1. Hold 2 note

Part. 4.
1. Hold 3 note

Part. 5.
1. Hold 4 note

Part. 6.
1. Hold 5 note

Part. 7.
1. Hold a score, up to 5 notes