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Johan Anton Lippestads Institute (Torshov) was created at Thorshaug in Christiania in 1876. The School's operations were taken over by the state in 1892 and in 1899 its boarding operations transferred into public service. Largely forgotten by the state, interest in the school changed after World War II, subsequently, the school received funding for better working conditions. Further investments in the 1950s paved the way for the construction of the new student hostel buildings erected at the school.
17 May 1974
1st June 1991, Parliament passed the decision on the restructuring of special education, following two white papers being published. The Torshov school had reduced funding because of the this decree and had to close the school down in 1992.
The Torshov Band has remained a constant of Torshov even when the Institute closed 1992. Parents and supporters of the students rallied together to keep the school's band running.

Knut Erik Dahli and Odd Inge Berg maintained the running of the band with the help of this new found support for many years to come. Running of the band was handed over to Erik Kvebæk in 1974 as well as operating as the conductor and director.
Et av de første foto tatt av korpset
Erik led many of the initiatives to reform the basic and incomplete teaching methods we had in place, developing many new teaching techniques and objectives for the band which are still in place to this day...

Leisure and social activities
Cultural opportunities
Continued social training
Musical development in accordance with the individual's possibilities

When the organisation was first established, there were no methods in place of teaching musical education to people with mild and complex learning difficulties. Our Conductor and instructors had to find new methods of teaching, we begun using a system based on codes for some of the instruments, but this was rejected as we adopted a new colour code system, much easier for our students to understand. Our techniques and methods have been continuously evolving over the years to even great successes.

We now new workbooks which are the culmination of our many years of understanding and practice that instructors and students can use, ideas and teaching methods written by Erik Kvebæk.

Erik Kvebæk has been the organisation's conductor and musical director since 1974. He deserves much credit for what the organisation has become today.

17 May 1974 is probably one of the biggest days in organisations history. This was the first time the world got to hear and see that the 'impossible' became 'possible' as our band played live in the streets of Karl Johansgate for our Norweigan National Day! Since these early successes, our organisation has experienced many great achievements and will continue to do so for many years to come...

Erik Kvebæk - Led Torshovkorpset from 1974 until his death 7th August 2008
Erik KvebækErik's quest to maintain and advance a musical band for the handicapped was a long-term process requiring much educational insights, patience, endurance and ability to build a trusting and safe environment for its members. These properties Erik had along with his gentle authority he gave our organisation, sensational musical and social progress. With colleagues Erik has developed pedagogical methods, accompanying systems and custom events.

As the musical skills progressed within the band, under Erik's guidance, so too did the media stories and interest in our organisation. In 1979, the organisation was awarded the Teskjekjærringprisen Award and hence remained a continuous media focus. Through our media coverage and organised events, awareness grew of people with learning difficulties 'most people' gradually began to change their attitudes towards the handicapped. Through his involvement in Torshovkorpset, Erik is credited for instilling a much great acceptance and status for the handicapped in our society. Eriks success was acknowledged when, in later years, two television programs about the organisations' trips to Vienna in 1983 and 1985 were aired on national TV, bringing greater awareness to the people of Norway and parts of Europe.

Erik was awarded the King's Medal of Merit in gold for his outstanding service to the cause and to his dedication to the Torshov organisation.