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Torshovkorpset would like to share our experiences with you. Below are selection of photos of our members during concerts and other social events. Click on the images below to view photos from a particular event.
23.01.2010 - Seminar for our conductors and instructors of our band, teaching methodology for people with different disabilities. The Torshov band played the opening of the seminar. Attending were, 40 registered directors, conductors and directors from various special organisations. The NMF music director Geir Ulseth, informed us about what bands would expect of NMF in the future. Communication and teamwork were among some of the topics for the days complete and impressive program. The day ended at the Tapas at Myhren kitchen. The seminar was very successful and great fun, so much so that, we all agreed to hold similar programs each year.

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Christmas Concert and Christmas Fair
06.12.2009 - Christmas Concert was a family concert held in the gymnasium at Torshov. This was the third time the organisation has combined having a concert and exhibition with fundraising. So successful it was, that we have now decided that it should continue to be a yearly tradition. There was more than a full house, people sitting on stairs and many stood along the walls on both sides of the auditorium, you would be lucky to have got a seat! The Junior Band had the honour of opening the concert and there were many "new parents" who had to wipe away a small tear. They played so beautifully and spreads so much joy. The concert lasted for 2 hours, during the break we were selling Christmas decorations and other Christmas things. Of course, there was lots of hot coffee and Christmas cookies to go around. At the end we handed out many awards, some for 25 and 30 years of service in our organisation, as well as gifts to thank the service of other members.
Junior Band
September 2009 - The images are taken during a winter practice for new member of the Junior Band. Elin and Burger, our instructors undertook the enormous task of teaching the new musicians their respective instrument. We were very impressed with their first individual lesson they have, just to get the sound in the big horns is difficult and they achieved it with ease.

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Summer Tour to Lillehammer
05.06 til 07.06.2009 - Band Festival 'WE WILL' 2009 is an event for all special musical organisations in the country, perhaps worldwide. It has been arranged in three-year intervals since its formation in 2000. At Lillehammer band met from all over the, Ælabogin from the Faroe Islands, Trupi Muzicore from Albania, Eastern Earth Band, Haug's band, Trondheim Brazz, Tveiterås Band, Water Wheel Tut and blows, Torshovkoepset and the organizers themselves, Utsiktsbakken band. We were performing with the Trupi Muzicore, marching through Lillehammer city center entertained residents with musical gems throughout Saturday morning. The day ended with a very successful banquet in the evening. On Sunday we all visited the in Hunderfossen family park.
Senior group's Memorail Day
03.04.2009 - Senior group received a monetary gift from Aunt Ruth to be used for a memorial evening for Erik Kvebæk. The Café Theatre down the road was venue for the evening. We had a fine evening for the senior group and the food tasted quite superb.

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Memorial Concert
29.03.2009 - The organisation held a memorial concert for Eric Kvebæk in Lillestrøm Culture Centre. We performed with Bjelleklang, Vasshjulet Tut og Blæs, The Pinquins and Tine Thing Helseth all helped to make the memorial concert for a great and honourable evening for Erik. Torshovkorpset drew a full house and it was great to be on there to see so many excited spectators in the auditorium. It was a great concert and a worthy farewell to a great man, with a huge warm heart..............
Recruitment of new musicians
03.2009 - The images are from one of the first times we had practice with our latest young musicians. There is no shortage of motivation or drive from the budding artist. Sigrun and Elin done a formidable job of educating the new practitioners.

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Musician Festival
07.10.2008 - This year's music festival took place in separate rooms at the Torshov. It was a full show with live music, dancing and lots of fun. The Pizza which was laid on tasted superb, and helped to make it was a very successful evening.

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Summer Tour to Fredrikstad
13-15.06.2008 - The Summer Tour this year took us to Vacation Home Solvik, Engelsviken.We traveled from Torshov on the Friday, 13.06. at 1700, to the old town of Fredrikstad Saturday arriving at 12.00, we played lots of music to ....... We also had a concert at the holiday home Solvik. Saturday afternoon. We left Fredrikstad on Sunday, 15.06 KL 15.00, and made out way home. We all had a very nice weekend with good weather and lots of good food.

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Eukumenisk Worship at Fetsund Lens Museum
08.06.2008 - The weather turned out great when Torshov Corps participated in the worship at eukumenisk Fetsund's museum, the public flocked see us and enjoyed the show.

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Concert at Nordre Skøyen Manor in collaboration with Lions Club Oslo / Bryn
29.05.2008 - We were invited to the Lions Club Bryn to play at their annual concert at the Northern Skøyen Manor The concert was held outside in the park with beautiful weather and a big audience.

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Combined exercise in March and mini concert for chicken Lovisas house along the Aker River
13.05.2008 - We al had an exceptionally nice time, as the pictures tell you.

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Vårkonsert the fortress with Police Orchestra and Torshov Corps
19.04.2008 - The concert was held at the newly renovated house ride at Akershus Fortress, at the bottom of Church Street, which is emerging as a new concert hall 200-250 seats. The concert was very successful with the vast audience who enjoyed the two corps had its weather department and had more common numbers.

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We celebrated our 35 year anniversary. Here we show
some pictures
01.03.2008 - ....

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We invited Combined - Christmas Concert - Christmas Fair
09.12.2007 - Tilstellningen was held in Torshov Corps facilities in Torshov in Torshovgata 46 It was a very successful event.

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Autumn concert in Temple Saturday in cooperation with
the Kiwanis
03.11.2007 - The traditional autumn concert was held in Temple, staring KomTi. Øgrimsplass 4, in cooperation with the Kiwanis club. We also had an interaction with Temlet Territoreale brass band. Our conductor Erik Kvebæk was awarded the Kiwanis, Eye War Medal.

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We were on TV2 again - on the fly
25.10.2007 - The Senior group members were asked to represent the Torshov organisation on TV2, Thursday 25 October. We were on the premiere of a new major program on TV2 called "Waschera.

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Torshovkorpset Summer Tour Festival Playing at Harstad
23-28.05.2007 - We had some wonderful days in Harstad, with great weather and the midnight sun. We performed Three great concerts all to large audiences. The Armed Forces Band performed a concert with us in the park, with the massive audience. We were very proud to receive a lot of great press in the newspapers in Harstad.

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35 year Anniversary Concert in collaboration with His Majesty's the King's Guard and the Trumpeter Trine Thing Helseth
22.04.2007 - In connection with Torshovkorpset's 35 year anniversary, we held an Anniversary Concert at Chateau Neuf on Sunday, April 22nd 2007. It was very successful concert with lots of great music, there was a presentation of some gifts to the organisation from Kiwanis and awards for our conductor Erik Kvebæk.

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Dissimilis Festival
09.06.2007 - This Saturday Dissimilis opened this festival in the Town Hall Square. There was good fortune with the weather and lots of smiling faces came to watch us. The event was very successful, our band played twice on Saturday and had time to listen to so many good bands and fine performances.

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Norway National Day
17.05.2007 - Torshovkorpset went this year with Nordberg school to perform in the parade for the Norwegian Nation Day. Torshovkorpset have been in marching is this parade since 1974. The parade begun from the castle, we walked out as group No. 14.
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Summer Tour to Spain
03.06.2002 - The Summer Tour trip was planned to celebrate the organisation's 30 year anniversary. We begun our grand trip to Spain by bus from Norway, in the hot month June, it was extremely tiring and long. We caught a boat to Kiel in Germany and drove through to France where we stopped and visited Euro Disney. We took in the sites and excitement then, made the remaining journey towards Spain. It was an eventful trip for musicians and their aides.

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Conductor, Erik Kvebæk 30th Anniversary of Service
01.11.2003 - Here are some photos from Torshovkorpset's concert arranged for Erik Kvebæk, held at the Trikkestallen, aknowledging Erik's efforts as a conductor and wind instrument instructor for 30 years in our organisation.

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Band Hits - Trodheim - Summer Tour 2003
Summer - 2003 - As part of this years Summer Tour we collaborate with similar organisations to play music and socialise. There were a total of five organisation meeting in Trodheim for this occasion. We enjoyed many great days together in Trondheim playing many concerts and fun times. One of the organisations came as far away as the Faroe Islands, one which gained aid and assistance from Norway in its original conception, it was great to see them as a fully fledged band for the first time.

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